Breakfast Cocktail Time !

In my last post I told you, that a friend of mine created a really original cocktail with cereals and Bourbon for a strange breakfast cocktail…..

This guy, Joseph Biolatto, is 1st bartender in the very famous bar : the Forvm, located in Place de la Madeleine in Paris. Joseph is also the Bols Liqueur Brand Ambassador in France…. So Respect !

During one of his trip in Kentucky, he created  this cocktail….. watching the breakfast buffet in his hotel with Froot Loops cereals and a bottle of Maker’s Mark, he decided – at 3 am – to find a good match between those ingredients, to make an unique and unseen drink….. and he did it perfectly!

I know Joseph personnaly for a long time now, when he was a bartender at L’Appart, and everytime I go to Paris, you’re sure to find me at the bar of the Forvum, because, first : I love so much the atmosphere of this bar and two : of course I love their original cocktails !

If you think that it’s a strange and a curious cocktail you’re right, but I invite you to try it at home just to live a new experience, and to see that you can combine lots of things to make an original and a surprising cocktail…. Even with Fruit Loops cereals, believe me!

So, if you are planning to go to Paris for a trip and if you want to find a good cocktail bar, you have to go to Le Forvm, and please, do me a favor, say « Hi! » for me to Joseph and ask him  for his  »Geen Snyder # 1 » cocktail or try one of my favorite cocktail there, the « Porn Star Martini », you’ll love it for sure !

The recipe of the ‘’ Geen Snyder # 1 ‘’

50ml of Maker’s Mark
1-2 barspoons of Maple syrup
2 dashes of Angostura Orange Bitters
1 generous barspoon of Froot Loops on top for the garnish

Serve in an Old Fashionned glass, on the rocks….

Enjoy and Cheers !

Thanks again to Joseph for his very original and amazing cocktail!
I hope that creativity, originality and mixology will continue and surprise us all around the world…
Because he proves that you can create a cocktail with anything you have in your kitchen and your bar, very easily. And if you try his cocktail, please tell us how you liked it  !!!!

3 responses to Breakfast Cocktail Time !

  1. Bonjour Fanny,
    J’étais chez notre ami Joseph -au Forum, donc- pour la soirée Mad du mois d’avril. A cette occasion j’ai goûté le Geen Snyder : c’est tout simplement beau et bon!

  2. Fanny Gauthier Horel says:

    Thank’s a lot ! I know personaly the creator of this so special drink Joseph, but for sure next time I go to Paris I’ll go to the Fourvm and taste it ! Cheers 🙂

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