Drinking Vodka Makes You Talk « More » Better !

I know that some of you won’t believe my words, but it’s true ! A recent study prooves that drinking vodka improves word association and verbal creativity, but it might not be the best reason to have a shooter of vodka every morning instade of your OJ !

In this study, which was done in Chicago, at the University of Illinois, vodka was given to half of the participants ( up to 0,08 per cent –  legal intoxication law, so no worries ;-)) and the other half drank only water. Then, they were all shown a series of three-word puzzles, and asked to find a word that linked the three words on each occasion.

The result is incredible …believe me : intoxicated participants responded  in an average time of 11.5 seconds, while the sober ones took 15.4 seconds… wow unbelievable!

But we knew that artists and musicians were more creative when they were drunk; remember the time of absinthe for Rimbaud, Baudelaire…? And of course, one of the most popular writer : Ernest Hemingway – his nickname was the ‘’Papa Doble ‘’, wasn’t it? The reason: he was always asking for doble doses of rhum in his favorite cocktails…..

Anyway, please, don’t use that experimentation to drink a bottle of vodka every morning before going to work… I dind’nt say that! But in one of my next articles, I’’ll show you the cocktail of a friend of mine, who uses cereals and bourbon in a very special morning  cocktail……

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