My cocktail of the day: Spring Delightful… with Lavender syrup Routin 1883 & Gin The Botanist

Today, I propose you an original cocktail with a floral taste…

In fact, in almost one month, we’ll be in spring… So I created this cocktail with a taste of flower  and spring, so that’s why I used in my cocktail  some lavender syrup, a so original flavour !

I told you in one of my last post, that there’s a contest with 1883 Routin Syrup…

This is the unique contest that rewards creativity. To enter the contest and create a Flavour Vibe, it couldn’t be simpler – users just need to devise a recipe in harmony with a song of their choice.

1883 launched the first social network connecting Bartenders and Baristas worldwide: Club 83. To celebrate the launch of Club 83, 1883 Routin Syrup, created the Flavour Vibes Contest…

1883 presents is new collection of syrups in six different musical styles as…

Classic : timeless and essential

 Pop : universal and standard

 Rock : boosters and rebellious!

 Jazz : subtle and inspiring

 RnB : gourmet and fashionable

 Reggae : exotic and sensual

So because I decided to use the lavender syrup in my cocktail, I’m in the Classical category!!!!

Finally, this is the music I choose:

The 1883 judges will then elect the 10 best Flavour Vibes – and each winner will receive a tasting pack of 1883 premium syrups!

So now this is my signature cocktail for the contest. As always, it’s easy to make it, so shake, shake, shake!


Spring Delightful ....
Spring Delightful


0.5 oz of lemon juice

0.75 oz of lavender Syrup Routin 1883

1 sprig of Rosemary

2 oz of Gin The Botanist


In a shaker, pour all the ingredients.

Add ice and shake well during 8 seconds.

Strain into a cocktail glass.


Slap a nice sprig of rosemary or a nice flower…


I hope you’ll fond in love with my signature cocktail…

So if you want to create your own 1883 account, go on:

If you want to contest yourself:

But be fast, the contest ends on the 29th of February…

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine.

So have a good day & Cheers!!!!!






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